Control freaks welcome

You’re just who we had in mind when we designed PubAccess – the tool that gives you complete control of’s powerful display network and top-shelf advertiser base. After all, it’s your website. Why shouldn’t you call the shots?

91 of Ad Age's top 100 advertisers use

The best ads – and only the best ads
The network roster is made up of the biggest and best advertisers in the industry, including 92 of Ad Age’s Top 100 advertisers. Plus, we offer ad blocks by advertiser, industry, media, and category to ensure the best fit for your site. We care about your site, and wouldn’t let its reputation or appearance suffer from poor quality ads. 

Easy as 1-2-3
You can roll up your sleeves if you want to, but with PubAccess you won’t even get your hands dirty. Just choose your payment method, create your placements, then manage your account how you want, when you want. You can even begin receiving CPM payouts on the same day you begin running campaigns. 

Everything’s in your hands
We’ve put everything where you can get at it. You control placement set-up, and select which types of ads you want – and which types you don’t. You can also view reports, pull coding, and change your settings anytime. Plus, your unused inventory remains yours – our default-out option lets you to determine how your remaining impressions are monetized.

Added brain power
Our proprietary AdLearn technology maximizes campaign performance by predicting user response and optimizing ad placements accordingly. Performance is analyzed in real-time and ad placement is optimized hourly. It’s like an extra brain – a really, really big one.

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