Dynamic Retargeter

Achieve search-like performance on premium inventory, across all devices.

90% of shoppers who visit your website leave without buying anything.
Remind those shoppers to come back to your site to convert them into customers. Shoppers are 7.5x more likely to click on a product that they’ve previously viewed and are 3x more likely to buy your product than someone who hasn’t been to your site at all.

Increase sales 5-20 percent

Take a shortcut on path to purchase.
Advertising.com’s Dynamic Retargeter brings those consumers back, driving incremental revenue with search-like performance, across all devices. Using what we know about the shopper’s interests and an extensive analysis of your first-party product purchase data, we will efficiently focus your marketing spend on those shoppers who are most likely to buy with personalized, product-specific retargeted ads.

Increase incremental revenue by 5%-20%.
Pump up performance by getting first-look at unique AOL, Huffington Post, and Advertising.com inventory, along with access to all the major exchanges.

Dynamic Retargeter offers:
• Unrivaled incremental sales
• Premium, personalized ads with full design team support
• Marketing using your data and assets from your website
• Efficient spend on the highest purchase intenders
• Premium inventory at scale with AOL and Advertising.com
• R&D team working to integrate advance features and functionality
• Award winning Sales and Account management team to ensure your goals met