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Launching a campaign isn’t rocket science. But you still need to set all the dials correctly before takeoff.


Your ads can make or break your campaign. Find out how to make your banners work harder for your brand.


So many consumers, so many ways to reach them. Learn the best method for spotting your customer in a crowd.

and targeting

How you pay makes a difference. Knowing your options can help you build a better bidding strategy.

Pricing and

No other form of advertising relies more on numbers than display. Make sure you’re getting the most out of your metrics.

Metrics and

With a little bit of mathematical wizardry, you get better results. See how optimization tools can improve ad performance.

Optimization technology

Great, your banners are up! Now what? Get some pointers on how to improve your campaign post-launch.

Campaign improvement

Most things become easier to understand when you’re shown – not just told – how they work. Watch and learn.


Watch and learn

Sometimes, the professor feels like dimming the lights, kicking back and enjoying some coffee. Roll tape.

Networks exchanges video

How is an ad network different from an exchange? Find out now.

Brant Breen video

Bant Breen, President of Initiative, gives his take on the state of the industry.

Ad Portal video

Get the basics on building a display campaign on Ad Portal.

Christoph Becker video

Christoph Becker, Global Chief Creative Officer at GyroHSR, talks shop.

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